The Dolphin Story

At CustomerX.i, we are a pod, a group of dolphins. We consider our CX.i family is a part of one pod, which adds a splash of camaraderie for our community. But on top of the “pod” identify, we also have a newly designed dolphin logo and dolphin-related messaging. Many may wonder where this dolphin obsession comes from, but it’s actually not at all a random mascot. Our choice of dolphins to represent who we are and what we do has a deeper, purposeful meaning beyond a preference for the mammal. 

Our dolphin story begins with our CEO, Hakeem James. According to Hakeem, CustomerX.i was founded with the belief that winners of the market over time are businesses that focus on knowing their customers best. Having information on customers means that it would be easier to predict what they would want in the future, and this keeps successful companies ahead of the curve. Hakeem also knew something else- the hospitality industry can be the backbone of the economy. But with more and more local brands shutting their doors permanently, he needed a unique approach to spark progress in the industry. Inspired by the increase of Know-Your-Customer trends in retail, Hakeem decided to bring a data revolution to the hospitality industry, which was previously lacking in a lot of businesses, particularly restaurants. With local businesses that are barely able to keep afloat, it was previously seen as a given that they wouldn’t have the infrastructure to be able to support a data-heavy application. But Hakeem decided to combat this hopeless acceptance and CustomerX.i was created.

CX.i brings data without the need for our clients to purchase and maintain tech-heavy infrastructure. Our goal is to transform data into revenue, with as few clicks as possible. This is where our theme around dolphins was born. We believe that we need to be dolphins, diving deep into the ocean of data with sonar detection so that others don’t have to. After harmonizing the data, our pod of dolphins strives to bring back to the surface, where our clients are waiting, only useful insights that can be used to improve customer experience, widen or focus the scope of the target audience, and increase revenue. 

Hakeem’s vision to bring the world of data into all types of businesses is in the active process of being fulfilled, starting with the promise to provide independent, local restaurants with our platform free of charge. CX.i is working with multiple programs to allow our reach to progress sustainably. While our platform is currently focused on restaurants, we hope to expand our reach in hospitality in the near future with new products and services. Hakeem anticipates long-term success with our ability and objective to overserve our clients. Delivering on our promises sealed with a firm flipper handshake and exceeding them consistently will help us stand out for years to come.