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CustomerX.i helps restaurants of all types and sizes build better relationships with their customers through our Know-Your-Customer platform. Our philosophy is that data resembles a water fountain. Every business and every desired team member should have access to data, as much or as little as they see fit. We know that no two customers are the same. Through our platform, technology dives deep to uncover the granular motivation behind the purchase of each consumer.

Our CX.i dolphin pod dives deep into the ocean of data to bring back key insights to the surface, making every action after seamless. In the same way that dolphins migrate and adapt to new environments, CX.i can provide the most flexible service to bring you exactly the type of customer intelligence your restaurant needs in a low code/no code environment. Reach out to us! Our friendly team can help you find, understand, and engage your customers through the world of data.

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CustomerXi is a customer data platform (CDP) + marketing platform for restaurants. Our mission is to help restaurants use their guest data to build more authentic, profitable customer relationships.

CustomerX.i aggregates guest data across your restaurant’s various systems – POS, ecommerce, delivery, and loyalty – so you have a single, unified view of your guests. Our platform provides key insights on your guests’ behavior:

  • Who’s ordering (guest details + contact info)
  • What they order (menu items)
  • Where they order (particular locations)
  • When they order (day-part)
  • How they order (through which channel – delivery, in-store, or both)
  • How much they order (average order value)
  • How frequently they order

We automatically present this data at the brand, location, and customer level, so you have a complete view of your guests. Then we provide this data to allow marketing applications the ability to send out the right message, at the right place, and at the right time to enhance the customer ordering experience.

Great question! It can be hard to figure out where to start with all this new data at your fingertips. Our mission is to give restaurant marketers and operators a better way to understand and engage their guests. To that end we’ve built some out-of-the-box, automated ways to get you started:

  • New guest onboarding – automatically welcome new guests to your brand over a series of emails presenting your values, ethos, and food. Proven to drive a 10-12% increase in revenue from new guests in the first 30 days, and a 7-9 percentage point lift in customer retention.
  • Lapsed guest retention – automatically recover lapsed guests without discounting. Proven to increase conversion rates by >2x vs. traditional lapsed campaigns.

Other ways we’ve seen our partners use their data include re-targeting delivery customers on social media to encourage higher-margin in-store visits, identifying abnormally large spenders for targeted follow-up, and identifying multi-channel (delivery + loyalty) guests to cultivate a unique VIP cohort.

We have built an automation process that provides unique audiences from segments of data such as new, loyal, 3rd party delivery, and lost customers.  These audiences can be automated to be sent to the likes of Google and Facebook ads. We will work with you through the drafting of the marketing campaigns as part of the original configuration.

Yes, CustomerX.i allows the marketing department given the right access the ability to leverage the segments and audiences any way they would like to interact with them and create the unique messaging needed to run the campaigns.

CustomerXi is focused on the hospitality industry supporting restaurant concepts from independents to large enterprise chains.  We have different level of offerings to support the size and complexity of the organization.  We are committed to providing the necessary integrations required to provide the needed harmonized data for each customer on the platform and share it with the restaurants customers.

Pricing starts at $99.00 per month per location.  We have the flexibility to offer a pricing structure based monthly per unique customer or a flat rate.  As advanced features are added to the platform or customization there will be added costs.

Please click the Find out More button and fill out the requested information and someone from sales will be in contact with you.

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