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for data-driven marketing

Total Market Insights

Visualize Industry Trends

Visualize Industry Wide Trends with Total Market Insights (#TMI). Analyze your brand s performance against its competition and manage your data solutions in one singular view. Benefit from the insights of the community with anonymous insights to provide deep context into trends.

360° Customer View

Unify All of Your Data Sources
CustomerX.i is the platform that goes beyond loyalty to
recognize over 80% of your guests!

Multiple POS, ERP, CRM systems? No problem! CustomerX.i bridges all of your company s data touch points together, from online to offline. Capturing the full view of your customers and their activity. Allowing you to better understand your guests and what motivates their purchases. Helping you leverage this data in a unified view to know the right messages to craft for engagement, better predict behavior, and identify more guests to increase their basket sizes and frequency of visits.

MultiTouch Marketing Automation

HIT The Easy Button for your Marketing with CX.i+

Set your goals for your business and let CustomerX.i do the rest. Optimize engagement to customers by automating your marketing. Set your initiatives of growth and CX.i identifies your best customer segments to grow and how to engage them. CX.i+ provides transparency of all marketing efforts to then measure attribution on every advertising effort.

Know what’s working, when and how!

Measure Attribution with CX.i+

Tie marketing campaigns to each customer and their segment as they purchase! Know exactly what marketing effort is working best for you and where your dollars are going to waste!
With CX.i, you get a complete view of your marketing in a single location. Centralizing your campaigns and marketing from (organic, local, paid, online and offline). Fully transparent and customizable so you can trust the data!