The leading platform for

data-driven marketing decisions

CustomerX.i is the platform that goes beyond loyalty to find, understand and engage your guests with one click.

Know all your customers!

Multiple POS, Omnichannel Ordering, Survey and Loyalty solutions? No problem! CustomerX.i harmonizes all your fractured data silos in a safe & secure manner, resulting in a unified view of your total customer base and their interaction with your brand, from instore to offline!

The Why behind the buy

Our insights will provide predictive buying behaviors, customer segments and enriched audience insights that offer you the opportunity to better understand your guests and what motivates their purchase decisions.

Right Message, Right Guest, Right Time

Want to know who your most profitable customers are? Or high churn risk guests? Through CustomerX.i’s platform, we will enable your marketing team to target the ideal customers for a specific personalized campaign. The powerful data insights will give your team the opportunity to convert unknown users into known, high-value repeat customers. Know exactly what marketing efforts are working best through measurable attribution so no campaign dollars are wasted!

Visualize Industry Trends

Visualize Industry wide trends with Total Market Insights (#TMI). Analyze your brands performance against its competition. Benefit from data driven insights from both regional and national hospitality markets to provide deep context into trends and revenue benchmarking!

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