Restaurant data synthesis is complex.

Making crucial business decisions from unreliable data is treacherous.

Emails blasts to an unknown audience are wasteful.

But CustomerX.i is intuitive.

CustomerX.i’s marketing platform and dashboards unify your back-end technology solutions to one, single source of truth. Know your patrons better, and give your restaurant operators the tools to succeed.

CustomerX.i is a know-your-customer platform designed to optimize and enable your restaurant team. Gain visibility into your patrons with a single view of each guest. Restaurant customer intelligence made easy, accessible, and at your fingertips so that you can focus on what matters most, your guests.

What is

Restaurant customer intelligence is the process of collecting and analyzing data about your guests to understand them on a personal level.

CustomerX.i enables your restaurant to optimize customer experiences, reach your audience more effectively, and increase loyalty.

Find Understand and Engage

Total Market Insights (TMI)

See how your restaurant stacks up against competition. Total Market Insights analyzes your brand’s performance against your biggest competitors. Deep dive into regional and national hospitality markets to give you a realistic view of trends and revenue benchmarking.

Total Market Insights
Customer Data

Customer Transaction Insights (CTI)

Visualize your transactional information and the flow of money within your operations. CustomerX.i dashboards organize your transactional data so that you can easily view average order value, locality, menu items, etc.


Quickly adjust your restaurant’s marketing efforts to your customers’ affinity and trends through customer segmentation. Easily segment your known audience to run nurture campaigns that resonate and encourage action. Audience segmentation allows you to communicate with specific affinity groups within their prefered medium from one platform. Easily run outreach campaigns to guests you haven’t seen in a while, asking them to give your restaurant a try again.

Audience Enrichment

Audience Enrichment

CustomerX.i delivers audience enrichment which enables advertisers to combine website data and create a full picture view on your consumer base. Reach your audience with on-point messaging and format they prefer.

Marketing Automation

Enable your restaurant marketing teams to create personalized campaigns from customer data specific to your restaurant and guests. Reach your guests at their desired touchpoint with timely promos to elevate the guest experience. CustomerX.i equips your team with marketer-friendly dashboards that fuel creativity.

Marketing Automation

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