Our Purpose

We surface information to increase connections and transform experiences

Our Vision

Maximize access to information so restaurants can find, understand and engage intelligently with their stakeholders

We simplify your restaurant data so that you can focus on what matters most, your guests.

CustomerX.i is designed to build better relationships between restaurant operators and their patrons. We surface key customer insights to allow for clearer business pivots and decisions.

Understand your guests better, with relevant, timely data.

Who We Are Collage1

CustomerX.i was designed to understand and anticipate customer wants so that restaurateurs could create their ideal restaurant.

We believe that the hospitality industry is the backbone of the economy, and work to augment local restaurants.

We focus on the entire restaurant industry and empower our customers with data to improve their overall restaurant operations.

CustomerX.i does just that. We provide an easy view into your customer base so that you, the restaurateur can know your tribe better, optimize your menu, and deliver optimal dining experiences.

Our Values

Client Obsessed

We empower our clients to become high-performance businesses. We create long-term relationships by being responsive and consistently delivering value. We walk alongside our customers, to grow and create win-win solutions.


We listen with intention and reflect to understand. We want to see the world the way others do, not the way we do. We seek continual feedback so we can make informed decisions quickly.


We understand that high performing teams are built on a foundation of trust which is earned through transparent, open and honest conversation and communication. We are clear with our requests and intentions, respect boundaries and hold one another accountable. We act with empathy and kindness.


We are open to new ideas, ideologies and practices, and trying new concepts without fully knowing whether they will work. We think deeply and rationally about decisions and come up with creative solutions. We never stop learning. 

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