On average, restaurants use three technology vendors for managing their back-office operations. Running several, independent tech solutions consumes time and can slow down operations.

CustomerX.i works with your restaurant tech and creates a unified customer experience through trusted data.

Break down the data silo walls and operate your restaurant, better.

What is a CDP for restaurants?

A customer data platform or CDP for restaurants is a software solution that collects guest data from various source points to create a single view of your customer base. The CustomerXi dashboard enables restaurateurs to make smart business decisions based-off timely information, trendlines, and data synthesis.

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Connect your restaurant data to a single source of truth.

CustomerXi provides restaurateurs a customer database designed with personalization in mind. A CDP that restaurant operators can depend on instead of relying on someone else’s list or advertising platform.

Own, optimize, and personalize your own restaurant data into actionable dashboards that drive profit from better guest experiences. CustomerXi allows you, the restaurant operator, to seamlessly build audience segments through identified customer affinities with recommended engagement pathways. Easily communicate with your dormant patrons to re-engage their patronage.

Connect Your Data
Data Collage 2

More than a dashboard,CustomerX.i reduces friction points for your restaurant customers.

  • Ingest timely data from any restaurant source.
  • Visualize organized data within actionable dashboards.
  • Build audience profiles to personalize messaging and promotions.
  • Empower your restaurant team to know your patrons.

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